Established in 2006, AISVN has grown from serving children on four campuses in our first years to serving more than 1,200 students today, ranging from Pre-K to Grade 12. Our expansive campus provides the facilities and space to enable our continued growth and a beautiful learning environment.

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Duramacs - Innovative Solid Surface

Making all angles beautiful

Align knew that Duramacs' customers will view the website not only on their laptop but also on iPads, and mobile phones. Align designed and tested the site to look good in all these devices and their accompanying browsers.

Its easier to save

Through customer behavior research, we knew that Duramacs' customers browse, save, and then comes back to buy. We made this process smoother by allowing them to easily save, share, and send their favorite product to compare and buy later.

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A clean interfaces for shopping

Shopping online is a new experience for Vietnamese customers. Align knew that making the design clean and intuitive was especially important. Having a clean design also resonated with Duramacs international customers - giving Duramacs creditability and brand recognization.

Duramacs - Innovative Solid Surface
Duramacs - Innovative Solid Surface

Easy shopping experience from phone to laptops

Making a seamless shopping experience for people on the go it is important to consider the mobile, tablet, and desktop experience. This is especially important when some clients are from other countries and have a higher IQ for design. However to measure this, we have asked how Duramacs has done after 1 year and to our surprise they have grown tremendously - expanding to a new show room, more staff and more products.

Duramacs - Innovative Solid Surface

Online to offline success

Having online recognization made it easier for Duramacs' sales and event team to introduce themselves to potential customers on the sales and event floors. Duramacs attributed their offline sales to the website and the power of digital design.

E-commerce to impress

Designed to impress, the new site combines clean design and optimal digital practices, creating a premium resource that fits perfectly into Duramacs audience engagement strategy.

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