The WeCare International School is the only educational facility in Ho Chi Minh City created with both an international curriculum and individually tailored, special education programs. WeCare's mission is to allow all children to be free to grow in an informed, sheltered environment. The school combines a 900 square meter state-of-the-art facility with a faculty and staff trained to provide expert care for children.
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WeCare International Preschool

Custom Illustration makes things alot more fun

How do we combine great photos and convey the a brand that is for children. Align created a custome illustration and photographic style for the website utilizing bright colors and fun drawings to demonstrate what children might experience when attending class at WeCare.

Animations brings things to life

Utilizing some gif animation, Align made the the WeCare website more lively. The animation continues with the illustration styles and emphasizing the many aspects that makes WeCare International Preschool unique.

The campus built for learning

The WeCare campus was carefully crafted and designed for young children to play and learn. Align and the WeCare Marketing team knew if parents were able to explore the campus - there would be a higher rate of registrations.

A clean web experience

The new site highlights the best aspects of American International School Vietnam's brand through intentional intuitive navigation, key call to actions, fun animations, and the speed and mobile optimization to create a fast fun user experience.

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Parent Portal

Having children on the spectrum can be challenging for any parents. Sometimes parents might have the most troubles when the child is at home. Align built a portal so parents can privately share and exchange advises moderated by WeCare staff and Victoria to help parents navigate the difficulties of caring for their child.

WeCare International Preschool

A Better Web Experience

"Align did a great job with the WeCare Website. We are happy to work with them again in the future".

Owner and Director

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